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Identifying the Right Breeder

As far as breeders, breeding and buying breeding stock are concerned, the following:

  • Stay away from breeders that cannot proof the quality of the hips of their breeding stock.  Boerboels are large animals and hips are maybe less of a problem with them but is still a force to content with.
  • Stay away from breeders that are willing to sell you a dog over email/Internet.  If they do not insist and getting to know you, they simply don't care about what they do and are in it for the money.
  • Do not just focus on the breeder but also base the decision on the breeding pair.
  • Don't get suckered into thinking a male with a very well known name, is a good male.
  • Make sure temperament is high on the priority list of the breeder.
  • The boerboel shows up in a number of registries.  Only the South African registries do quality control on the Boerboel.  For those registries the Boerboels cannot be registered (and bred) unless they have been appraised and found to be of breed quality.  Stay away from those looking for an easy way out -- elect not to have their dogs evaluated.
  • If you want to breed, be prepared to buy several boerboels.  Even if you do your homework and think you bought good stock, half the stock you buy, you may end up giving away as they will not help improve the breed.

The SABT cannot suggest you go with given breeders.  That may be viewed by some as if an SABT official is using his/her position to market given breeders.  Secondly the US IRS may view it as helping breeders out with selling their pups.  And as far as the IRS is concerned, breeding is a money making type entity and the moment the SABT helps the breeders sell their pups, the SABT has no chance of maintaining a non profit status.

If you want to check on the SABT status of a USA/Canadian breeder, you can use the below query.  This search will only work for those breeders with a registered SABT kennel name.


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