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South African Boerboel Breeder Association Home Page

Welcome to the web site for the SABT's USA and Canadian Boerboel public.

This web site does not replace the parent SABT's main website but should rather be viewed as an extension to the SABT's web site -- one geared towards the USA and Canadian Boerboel public.

Europe also has a site dedicated to that region.  Please click on the SABT's European site link for that web site.

The purpose of this site is four fold:

  • To serve as a newsletter for the USA and Canadian Boerboel community.
  • To enlighten the USA and Canadian Boerboel community on topics not published elsewhere.  These topics include information such as the SABT's registration process, for example.
  • To provide the USA and Canadian Boerboel community a way to stay connected with the SABT.   Click on the Stay in touch with the SABT's USA and Canadian region to see how you can stay in touch with the SABT and be kept abreast of any major developments within the SABT.
  • SABT service requests and processing thereof are being automated.  It is via this site that you will be able to request and track the status of requested services.  You will also be able to request appraisals, sign up for appraisals, sign up for membership and so on.

In summary, the SABT will use this site as one of its tools to better serve the USA and Canadian members and all other interested parties.

For the current SABT Boerboel Appraisal tour schedule, please see the SABT's Appraisal Tour page.

Please use the menu to the left for navigation.  You could also opt to use the "Search this site" functionality at the top right hand side of the page.

If you would like to place any type of order via this site and you already have a logon, please logon first.  That way the system can pre-populate your profile information on the forms where your profile data will be required.

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